The first impact from this wine comes straight from its name. In common Italian language it’s used to disrespect someone (peasant, oaf or the dictionary definition barn’s worker), but when we look back to mythology we can find noble roots to this name which described two different characters. The first one is the man who receives wine’s receipt directly from Bacco/Dioniso (the ancient Rome/Greek God of wine); the second instead is the herder of the cows of the Great Chariot (in Italian and mythology the Great Dipper constellation is called Great Chariot) and that’s why Ursula Major constellation is on the label.  The grapes come only from Colle del Vento vineyard where, once again in the nineties,  my father decided to experiment by planting an international grape, Cabernet Sauvignon. Very elegant nose and palate, with not unpleasant grassy notes and spicy. It pairs amazingly with strong sauces pastas and red meats.

I nostri vini